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Company Information and Contact Details
· Business Name: Chongqing Italian Gasket Rubber & Plastic, Co., Ltd.
· Business Address: Road Qi Xin East, 6 Yan Jia Industrial Park, Chang Shou District, Chongqing, China
· Business License#:J6530065436801
· Phone: +86 023 40768307
· Fax: +86 023 40768308
· Email:
· Annual Sales (2017 forecast): $2.5 million
· Total number of Employees: 40
· Number of Employees at Head Office: 11
· Primary Line of Business: Technical Rubber Items for the Automotive Industry
Management Directory
· Gian Marco Bergomi, President
· Lei Cailiang, General Manager
· Ms. Yao Zehui, Legal Representative
Our vision 
To relentlessly rise the overall company quality, without compromises, by investing in research and development, training and technology, to become a leader and trusted player for the more high demanding sectors.
Company Overview
Italian Gasket S.p.a. (Italy) is considered as one of the leading supplier of Rubber Items for the Automotive, industrial, pneumatic and automation market in Europe, with 3 production plants in Italy, Hungary and China, including the head office in Paratico, Brescia, Italy. The company also has business in the US, Asia and North Africa, carrying out work in the production of fully certified, high quality Technical Rubber Parts.
Chongqing Italian Gasket Rubber & Plastic, Co., Ltd. was established on July, the 22nd, 2016. The Company offers high quality rubber items as per the experience and technology IG has developed throughout decades.
The injection technology offered by fully imported Italian injection machinery and know-how  guarantee very stable processes and competitive prices. 
Italian Gasket has invested 4.000.000 RMB during the year 2016 and it’s going to invest additional 3.000.000 RMB in the year 2017.
Main investment areas will be:
· Quality control (optical, fully automated checking machines)
· Training
· Factory refurbishment
· Local marketing
Industry Information
Since 2009 annual production of automobiles in China exceeds that of the European Union or that of the United States and Japan combined. While the rise of China is easy to acknowledge, businesses constantly need to catch up with the speed and depth of change and development in China’s large and complex market space. 
Chongqing Italian Gasket Rubber & Plastic combines the high performance and efficiency of a fully integrated local team with the knowledge, know-how and experience of Italian Gasket Italy given through decades of success around the world.
The China market has its challenges. Chongqing Italian Gasket Rubber & Plastic is fully prepared and committed.
Key Processes
Latest technology and manufacturing Injection equipment has improved the quality of rubber items, reduced their cost and speeded up their production and control processes. A strictly monitored production cycle and plans to implement state-of-the-art control equipment  and other critical components make the ISO and TS approved Quality System the key player in all manufacturing processes.
Our Focus
To grant our customers exceptional added value.