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1) Key Processes
Latest technology and manufacturing Injection equipment has improved the quality of rubber items, reduced their cost and speeded up their production and control processes. A strictly monitored production cycle and plans to implement state-of-the-art control equipment  and other critical components make the ISO and TS approved Quality System the key player in all manufacturing processes.
2) Production – Compound: Over the next 25 years, Italian Gasket S.p.a. has developed an extensive experience on rubber compounding and processing.  During the year 2005, Italian Gasket S.p.a. has managed an average of 2.500 different compounds, carrying out all necessary tests, using highly sophisticated machines and equipments. The all knowledge and experience is constantly transferring fromItaly to China through the constant presence in China of the major Italian technical figures.
            CHEMICAL NAME                               DIN/ISO 1629              ASTM D1418
  • -  Poliacrylate Rubber                                      ACM                              ACM
    -  Ethylene Acrylate                                             ---                                 AEM
    -  Ethylene Propylene
       Diene Monomer                                            EPDM                             EPM
    -  Fluorocarbon Rubber (Viton)                       FPM                               FKM
    -  Tetrafluorethylene Propilene
       Co-polymer                                                    FEPM                            FEPM
    -  Perfluorinate Rubber                                       ---                                FFKM
    -  Epicloroidrine Rubber                                    CO                                 CO
    -  Epicloridrine Co-polymer                              ECO                              ECO
    -  Fluorsiliconic Rubber                                    FMQ                             FVMQ
    -  Methyl Vinyl Rubber                                      VMQ                              VMQ
    -  Butadiene Rubber                                           BR                                  BR
    -  Cloroprene Rubber (neoprene)                    CR                                 CR
    -  Isobutene Isoprene Rubber                           IIR                                  IIR
    -  Halogenated
       Isobutene-Isoprene Rubber                         CIIR                               CIIR
    -  Isoprene Rubber (natural rubber)                 IR                                   IR
    -  Acrylonitirle Butadiene Rubber                   NBR                               NBR
    -  Butadiene Styrene Rubber                           SBR                               SBR
    -  Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber                         ---                               HNBR
IG Gasket Technology will be happy to develop your own material based on your specifications and requests. Our engineers and technicians are ready to cooperate for guaranteeing the best results in terms of compound specifications and price.